SPA & Wellness

Don Antonio Trulli

Relax like never before

Micele Holiday Houses offers a modern Wellness Centre Beauty Farm where you can relax and revitalize your body and mind.
The first wellnes center in Trulli is equipped with every comfort, decorated with care and attention to detail, to experience intense emotions surrounded by a charming and relaxing.

The qualified staff will advise you on the different treatments of the Wellness Center, more articulate and specific for the different needs of our guests.
Each treatment takes advantage of modern equipment and cutting edge designed to ensure maximum physical and mental health.

The following SPA packages are not available in July, August and during special events.

SPA Package

1 night of relax

1 night - 90 min of spa

  • 1 night in Trullo
  • 90 min exclusive spa access
  • n.b. Spa kit (Bathrobe) 4€

SPA Package

Relax Therapy

per 2 hours

  • 1 night in Trullo
  • 90 min exclusive spa access
  • 30 min massage
  • n.b. Spa kit (Bathrobe) 4€

SPA Package

Ayurvedic Massage x2

per 1 hour

The ayurvedic massage is much more focused on manipulating your energy fields and freeing emotional burden than working out the kinks in your muscles. It improves blood and lymph circulation, sleep quality and clearly affects the mental state.

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