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Micele Holiday Houses

Micele Holiday Houses is located in Locorotondo, in the heart of Itria Valley and near the coast of Adriatic Sea. All our trulli and historical house are supplied with authentic and local materials respecting tradition.

Holiday Houses

Don Antonio Trulli

“Don Antonio Trulli” are a group of nine “cones” surrounded by the typical varied vegetation of Itria Valley’s countryside, which contributes to confer to the complex a sense of peaceful serenity.The structure has a large private parking area and a big garden, as well as a small but functional SPA including a big hot tube, a multi-sensory shower, a Turkish bath and a massage room.

Holiday House

Trullo Cinquenoci

Trullo Cinquenoci is located in a panoramic and quiet area, not far from the town center. Its name derives from “Cinquenoci” (literally “five walnut-trees”) district, an ancient place characterized by the presence of five huge walnut-trees, which bore the precious fruits, that the inhabitants of the surrounding area enjoyed. In the 90’s the Trullo was bought and restored by the current owners, great lovers of the typical Valle d’Itria dwellings.

Holiday Houses

Casa del Carbonaio

The house is located in the old town of Locorotondo and at the beginning of the XX century is was used to produce charcoal slack. It derived from almond hulls and small wood working scraps, that went through a pre-combustion phase. Then charcoal slack was put out in specially provided containers (called “fucagne”) and sold to the inhabitants of the old town in order to feed their warming pans. Remained the same for several years, afterwards it was used to produce the lime, which was sold to whitewash the walls of the cummerse in the old town.

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