Things to do in Itria Valley. Some best place to visit.

The Itria Valley is in the heart of the Apulia. In this area there are charming villages, historic towns, wooded slopes, vineyards, mile and mile of olive groves and the ‘trulli’. The trulli are the first things that will grab your attention as you travel through this area – they sure lend an almost fairy-tale like element to this beautiful valley! – but there are a lot of other things to do.

visit locorotondo

Heart Of Itria Valley


Halfway between the Ionian and the Adriatic seas, where the Murge plateau ends, lies Locorotondo overlooking the little green slightly-hilly Itria Valley.

The white Locorotondo is the most beautiful balcony of the Murgia dei Trulli. The typical sloping roofs made of grey “chiancarelle” (small stone), called cummèrse, stand out with the facade of houses, whose interior is trough vault……

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metrozoo fasanolandia

The biggest in southern Italy

Zoo Safari - Fasanolandia

Zoo Safari (Fasanolandia) is in Fasano (BR) is the first zoo safari created in Italy and the largest in Europe by number of species present.

The amusement park “Fasanolandia”, with 20 major attractions and exhibitions for central and southern Italy.

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visit alberobello

Distance: 9 km


Alberobello is located in the heart of Murgia dei Trulli, and its characteristic historical center is a World Heritage site

The town, which was awarded the orange flag by the Italian Touring Club, preserves an historical center made oftrulli, buildings erected with dry stone featuring lime-washed walls and a cone-shaped roof built exposed stones. The top of these particular buildings are often decorated with inscriptions of different shapes painted with lime water and depicting zodiacal or religious symbols.

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Archaeological Park


The archaeological park includes several finds of the ancient town of Gnathia, located in an excellent position on the sea and on the ancient road connecting Bari and Brindisi.

The walls probably date back to the Messapian age. They wounded up in a semi-circle defending the town from the inland, while their extension along…..

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Matera: the Stone City

Stone City


Matera, UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1993 and European Capital of Culture in 2019, is one of the oldest cities in the world, whose territory holds evidence of human settlements from the Paleolithic.

The Sassi, developed from the natural caves dug into the rock and after modeled in increasingly complex structures, represent a unique landscape in the world…a fascinating place to discover.

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cisternino night


The municipality of Cisternino is located in the amazing Valle d’Itria, renowned for its trulli, the cultivated fields, the centuries-old olive trees and dry stonewalls.

In the old town you can admire the many historical palaces: the Governor’s palace, a wonderful example of the Apulian Baroque; the Bishop’s palace, the Amati palace, the Lagravinese palace, the palace of De Vitofranceschi and the Ricci-Capece palace annexed to the homonymous tower, also known as the Wind tower.

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