Locorotondo valle d’Itria

Locorotondo – Heart Of Itria Valley

Halfway between the Ionian and the Adriatic seas, where the Murge plateau ends, lies Locorotondo overlooking the little green slightly-hilly Itria Valley.

The white Locorotondo is the most beautiful balcony of the Murgia dei Trulli. The typical sloping roofs made of grey “chiancarelle” (small stone), called cummèrse, stand out with the facade of houses, whose interior is trough vault. Its lookout enable us to appreciate an amazing land: small vineyards forming a mosaic marked by dry wall, the Mediterranean scrub, silver olive groves around old masserie, thousands of trulli in the countryside. Moreover, the oldest part of Locorotondo, with its perfect circular shape made of stones and slaked lime, once marked by walls, seems to hang between dream and reality: the white lime envelops everything, it is a laying background for baroque architecture of local stone, enhances the deep color of flowered balconies. The heart of the old town is Piazza Vittorio Emanuele, a drawing room with its architectural environs, where there is also Pro Loco, important point of reference for tourists and events organizers.

Another land worth of admiration is contrada Caramia with its green lung. Belongins to the Italy’s Most Beautiful Towns since 2001, Locorotondo has been bestowed with the Orange Flag and Green Flag in 2012, too. Moreover, it is known for its over 134 lands in the countryside, its white wine Locorotondo DOC and its “gnumèredde suffuchète“, lamb tripe roulades, eneveloped with bowels and cooked in earthenware pans for a long time. Suggestive events take place in this town: Locus Festival, year’s appointment with excellent music echoing amog the sloping and conical roofs of local stone, the feasts in the countyside wich involve inhabitants and tourists in the small pieces of land during summer, enabling them to appreciate typical flavors and to live the typical proverbial welcome.

Other events take place in the old town, such as the competition Balconi Fioriti (floweres balconies) and the appointment Libri nei vicoli del Borgo (books along the old streets). Then vernacular comedies and events by local associations: theatre, rock, dance, enograstronic feasts and good wine tasting.

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